Contact Me

Postal: P.O. Box 68087 Victoria Street West Auckland 1142 New Zealand
Tributes for Master
bois invited to my Dungeon MUST bring a tribute - I put a lot of time into making a session
great for you - I think you should say thank you.

Suggested Tributes:
Red Wine:

Merlot - Shingle Peak (a New Zealand Merlot at least) As many as you like.

Glenfiddich Single Malt - any age - the older the better the session ;)

Though if you are not who you say you are - it is all over and I keep the gift!
General Information
This applies for Invited or Paying bois.

I expect you to arrive clean. I prefer shaven Cock & Balls and Arse. The better you present
yourself to me the better the session will be for you.

I prefer leather or denim but understand not everyone has that - you will end up naked very
fast if you do not have leather or denim.

First timers are looked after.

Real players get real treatment - where are the real players?

Mild to wild - a light twink on the nipples to a hard whipping.

Real equipment - Real Play - I have a range of floggers, whips, paddles and canes - cages -
rack - sling - cross - electro - tell me what you like - I can build that into what I want!

I will spit on you and hose you down - pour cold beer on you once I find your pig side.

You please my metal pierced cock and it will please you.

I respect limits unless you want to sign an agreement to let me do what you like, how I want,
for a certain time with no way you can get out.

Always Safe and Sane and Concensual.